Monday, September 27

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It’s Okay to Be Okay with Being Okay

by Nahje Royster If you’re anything like me, being happy and content sometimes feels foreign and confusing. Being so accustomed to pain, disappointment, frustration, and grief doesn’t allow for space to imagine anything other than these heavy, dark feelings. However, it really is okay to be okay. My therapist has been DRAGGING me lately- actually since I met her- about getting out of the comfort zone of being sad, upset, angry, etc. I hadn’t even realized that was what I was doing until I thought about my “healing” habits. When things go awry, no matter how big or small, I shut down and I try to stay in that emotion as long as possible. I avoid things that might make me feel better, I say self-deprecating things, I avoid my friends-- the whole, toxic, nine yards. But why? What does ...