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Life During COVID-19 in Philadelphia

Life During COVID-19 in Philadelphia

a Photo Essay by Tyler Jefferson Phase 1 Phase 1 (Late March): With the rise of COVID-19 cases, restrictions were put in place to reduce the spread. Masks were required, and Philadelphia residents were placed under a citywide curfew. Only essential businesses could operate. Colleges and universities were forced to hold classes online. The city became a desolate landscape.  Phase 2 Phase 2 (Late May – June): In response to the brutal killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor by police, the country erupted in protests. There was a nation-wide uprising  to fight against police brutality. Phase 3 Phase 3 (Mid-June): When we seemed to “flatten the curve” with COVID-19, Philadelphia residents emerged to a city operating under a new world order. Altho...