Monday, September 27

One-Liners Everyone Should Know

by Nahje Royster

I know November was over three weeks ago but what can I say other than major writer’s block has taken over my brain. I have wanted to write a full piece on a topic that I have been sitting on for a while, but my mind has a million prompts circling full speed, and it is hard to commit to one topic right now. So, instead I have decided to take a cue from social media. There were a few people who I saw make posts about “No Nuance November” (I unfortunately can’t remember their handles because I scroll too fast) and honestly, I enjoyed the trend. As a community educator, I often feel bad for not explaining my thoughts fully. However, the topics I speak on are often close and personal to me, so it is not just me educating folks based off what I have learned but also my personal feelings and experience. Therefore, as a public treat to myself *insert dramatic and gay drumroll here, please* here are my super late “No Nuance November” takes. Yes, I know some of these are two lines, but I am grown so I do what I want.

1. Woman/girl is not synonymous with female.

2. Are you funny or misogynistic and homophobic?

3. The Black Bourgeoise will not save you, ever.

4. You can promote Forex or any other easy money-making skill/job without being classist, elitist, and otherwise problematic.

5. Only respecting women you want to engage in sexual acts with is not actually respecting women.

6. You cannot support BLM and be homophobic, transphobic, classist, elitist, fatphobic, or otherwise problematic.

7. Being trans or queer does not cancel out your racism.

8. There are no good cops in a racist, capitalist, colonized country.

9. This is stolen land.

10. White people are racist, cisgender people are transphobic, and straight people are homophobic.

11. Fat femmes should not be fetishized. Fat masculine people should not be made fun of.

12. Little boys are not your boyfriend or husband, that is gross.

13. Little girls are not fast, instead adults are predators.

14. Black femmes are tired of saving the world with nothing in return.

15. Reparations for Black people are well overdue.

16. The Founding Fathers were racist slave owners and should not be praised.

17. Susan B. Anthony was racist, stop putting stickers on her tombstone.

18. Feminism is not ruining the Black community, anti-blackness is.


20. Coercion is not and will never be consent.

21. Listening to your children is not weak parenting.

22. When you are ready, seek therapy. Until then, reflect on how you engage with people.

23. Everyone deserves a home.

24. Water not being free is a scam.

25. College is a scam.

26. The Space Force is a waste of funds.

27. A Biden/Harris presidency is not going to be the saving grace you are glorifying it to be. The fight must go on.

28. Rape culture within Greek life needs to be called out and corrected- IMMEDIATELY.

29. Every person being detained at the border needs to be freed and given a fair trial when necessary.

30. Reposting videos of police harming and killing black people is unhelpful and retraumatizing.

31. Poor people deserve nice things.


33. Sex workers can say no.

34. Consent can be revoked at any given time.

35. The government should provide safe and comfortable lifestyles for people that cannot afford it on their own.

36. Mass incarceration is slavery.

37. People of color have valid reasons for not trusting the first COVID-19 vaccine that is available.

38. Fat people can wear whatever clothes they want.

39. Anal sex is not gay.

40. Being gay is gay.

41. Picking 10 minutes with Jay-Z over a million dollars is a bad idea.

42. Billionaires should not exist while there are also millions of dirt-poor people struggling to feed themselves.

43. Barack Obama was not the great president we grew up thinking he was.

44. Bombing other countries and taking their resources is not protecting our democracy.

45. People should not have to join the military in exchange for an education or housing.

46. Black cops are not any better than white cops. A cop is a cop, and they should all be abolished.

47. Defund and abolish police, no reform.

48. The criminal justice system is not broken, it is meant to harm the people that it always fails.

49. College is another tool of classism.

50. Missionary trips are white saviorism.

51. Some of y’all hate racism but not white supremacy and it shows.

52. Some of y’all just hate women and it shows.

53. Non-men can be misogynistic and aide toxic masculinity, too.

54. “You lost weight” is not a compliment.

55. If you are offended by people saying they do not trust men, you are probably a man people should not trust.

56. Angry Black femmes and women have millions of reasons to be angry.

57. You cannot shame sex workers but also expect sex after paying for a date.

58. You cannot shame sex workers but enjoy free porn.

59.  Respectability politics within the Black community are detrimental to our success.

60. Neutrality does not exist and thinking so reveals which side you are on.

I may one day write extensively on some of the topics above but for now, it feels good just getting it out there and not keeping it trapped inside of me. Constantly thinking of the negatives of the world is heavy and tiring and sometimes I do not have the energy to be an educator. I, like everyone else experience burnout and needing a break does not make me any less valuable. Sometimes, I am just an amazing, young, fat, queer, Black woman with an attitude and something spicy to say.

To that end, cheers to all the Black femme educators! Allow yourself to just feel today because the problem will still be there tomorrow. Someone else can and should pick up the slack.

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