Monday, September 27

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One-Liners Everyone Should Know

One-Liners Everyone Should Know

by Nahje Royster I know November was over three weeks ago but what can I say other than major writer’s block has taken over my brain. I have wanted to write a full piece on a topic that I have been sitting on for a while, but my mind has a million prompts circling full speed, and it is hard to commit to one topic right now. So, instead I have decided to take a cue from social media. There were a few people who I saw make posts about “No Nuance November” (I unfortunately can’t remember their handles because I scroll too fast) and honestly, I enjoyed the trend. As a community educator, I often feel bad for not explaining my thoughts fully. However, the topics I speak on are often close and personal to me, so it is not just me educating folks based off what I have learned but also my pers...