Monday, September 27

Our Team

Sunny Morgan
Co-Director and Lead Journalist

Hi all! I’m Sunny Morgan, a West Chester University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and Journalism. I have been a freelance journalist and content creator for almost two years now. I oversee content management duties & create written and visual content that encompasses YAP’s vision. I am excited to continue to mold YAP’s vision and help young people like myself use their voices to spark change in our society.

Nahje Royster
Co-Director & Columnist

Hello, I am Nahje Royster and you’re welcome for meeting me! Over the past few years, I have written, spoken, and presented on various sociopolitical topics and plan to continue doing so with YAP. I believe that our voices are one of the powerful tools we have at our disposal and those of us willing to use it should do so. We can either please everyone or change the world and I think YAP is for the latter. I am currently studying at La Salle University for my Master of Public Health and am the co-founder of OURS: Black Folks Discourse. My pronouns are she/her.

Najah Hendricks
Founder of YAP

Hello everyone, my name is Najah Hendricks and I’m a senior at West Chester University. I’m majoring in Social Work and minoring in Youth Empowerment & Urban Studies. I am also a founder of A Voice At The Table, a diversity column in the WCU newspaper The Quad. I conceived the idea of YAP, assisted with recruitment, and laid the groundwork for what YAP is today!