Monday, September 27

Our Mission and Vision

The Youth Activist Press (YAP) is a non-profit media collective producing journalism that amplifies the voices of young people. We seek to curate and archive Black, Brown, and Indigenous youth experiences through various forms of digital journalism, including documentary series, feature stories, and podcasts. The content produced will be centered on issues of sociopolitical and community development. YAP aims to build a collective of BIPOC youth journalists who will co-teach one another and promote each other’s political growth through skills and ideas sharing. We also aim to create a space for any BIPOC youth to share their thoughts, reflections, feelings, criticisms of the current climate, as well as any ideas for progression that they may have. As a journalism collective, YAP will reflect BIPOC youth perspectives rather than claim to completely represent the lived experiences of all youth. At YAP we use non-traditional journalistic tools and challenge traditional conceptions of activism as we uplift the many creative ways youth envision and spark change.


We believe Black, brown, and indigenous youth voices matter and youth perspectives on their communities and broader politics should be uplifted as we reenvision a more equitable world. 

We believe Black, brown, and indigenous youth deserve to live in a world that promotes joy and opportunity alongside the fight.

We believe in an intergenerational perspective where youth teach the elder as much as the elder teach the youth.

We believe that youth should not be told to accept things as they are, but pushed to imagine outside of the confines we’ve been given.